Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Sometimes you hear news that just rock the hell out of your world. To me one such piece of news is the scandal with Kevin Clash being accused of sex with teenage boys. I have no real place to begin with this. This really bugs me because it was someone that I grew up watching. Okay I did not know who Kevin Clash was but I knew his work. You are talking about someone who created and shaped characters that became icons for millions of children.

Sesame Street was destination viewing for millions of children around the world. Every day I would watch both Plaza Sesamo ( Mexican version) and the English version. To me Sesame Street was a way to learn, enjoy the art of puppetry and on top of that the lessons that were taught by the characters for the purpose of creating a solid foundation through the use of media.

Kevin Clash has a right to his personal life but to be accused of sex with underage boys and to roll over and destroy 28 years without an apology or some manner of defense just breaks so many hearts. You are talking about little kids that are going to ask about Elmo and the parents will likely respond with disgust. Sesame street was an american cultural icon and Elmo was a part of that icon that shone like the brightest light.

So what now? All that innocence and goodwill is destroyed. This is an accusation of taking advantage of underage kids claiming to "groom" them for a career in the business. A resignation does not really fix the situation nor does it make it better. I am not overly conservative but I am not so liberal that I think there is nothing wrong and this can be ignored. I guess Kevin was really enjoying himself when he was getting tickled.

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