Tuesday, October 21, 2014

THE COUNTDOWN..................

So this is my 473d blog entry which means that in 27 more entries I reach that magical mark, the number 500. I have yet to reach what I want in terms audience numbers and feedback, but that's what I love about the fact that I have this blog, I can take my time and keep plugging away. This was and will always remain  my preferred manner of expression. I want to keep writing because I love the idea of expressing myself without any filters, yes this is the countdown so I'll pretty much write about whatever tickles my fancy over the next few weeks. Enjoy and remember to SAY NO TO EBOLA AND PROP 43.5 J!

Monday, October 20, 2014


I hate the word compromise sometimes, simply because it has a negative connotation with regards to character. I don't believe anyone should ever willingly compromise their beliefs for any reason. We all have our own constructs and right or wrong they make us who we are. We won't always win every battle and chances are that some ideas or thoughts may not be welcome but that's the price we pay for having free will. In closing I'd like to say EOBOLA IS BAD!

TRENDING TODAY IS...................

I'm not totally sure what's trending, ebola, marijuana, Batman vs Superman. I don't know but it all sounds interesting so take some of those topics and go ahead and start a conversation with the person next to you. Don't sully the interaction with political disagreements and religious strife, just have a conversation because  life is too short to keep your head up your ass.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


To me campaigns in crowdfunding sites are a clear example of people going after their dreams, and being the kind of person that chases his dreams I like to get behind people whenever I can. While perusing my social media platform of choice (Facebook) I came across a bit of interesting news. Daresha Kyi, a friend, co worker, and mentor of mine started a campaign on indiegogo.com. Daresha is someone that I hold in high esteem because she really taught me a lot when we worked together on a major television show where she served as Story Producer. 

Curious and eager to help in any way I immediately went to the indiegogo site in order to learn more 
about her campaign. The campaign's purpose is to raise funds for her and her partner Kedar's baby known as TRU IMIJ ARTWORK. It was refreshing to see a campaign about something other than the next great flick. As I read on about the purpose of the campaign I began to realize that this was about more than just raising funds to create a viable business, it is about raising funds to help make the world better through the universal language of art. 

Rather than talk about it in my words I'd rather quote some of the words of Kedar, Daresha's partner and the talented artist whose work is the powerful engine behind this project. Kedar states that "As someone with a speech impediment who was unable to read until I was an adult (because no one knew what dyslexia was or how to treat it when I was a child), art has always helped me express my thoughts and dreams. Whenever words failed me, art saved me." Seeing that completely changed my outlook and took me from wanting to help a friend to wanting to help a far greater cause. I read on and noticed the following statement: "Once we're up and running, we intend to donate 15% of our profits to an established charity, such as charitywater.org which provides sustainable clean water and sanitation to people in developing countries. As our sales increase our goal is to eventually donate as much as 40% of our profits to various charities."

I knew this project was special and I knew that it was about more than just making money, but the making a difference part was cemented with the above statement about donating to various charities. We live in a society where we rarely think about benefitting others through our gifts, so this was something that I saw as both touching and admirable. I'm writing this entry in order to solicit support for this campaign.

I want to urge everyone that reads this to go to the indiegogo.com site and read the story behind TRU IMIJ ARTWORK. Support is anything from helping out with a small donation to sharing the campaign link on your social media. I want close by saying that it's campaigns like this, with the goal of helping others far more than ourselves, that ultimately give the greatest amount of satisfaction. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Recently I saw the snippet of Ben Affleck debating vigorously with Bill Maher on Islam. Personally I was driven to madness by the clip, not because of what you may think. I don't have a personal opinion on Islam. I learned only broad topics that all led to a simple conclusion, the majority of muslims condemn the actions of the very driven extremist minority. What bothered me was the condescending, ignorant attitude of Ben Affleck and his vehement defense of Islam without any real facts to back himself up. It's okay to have an opinion but if you are going to attack people in an attempt to defend what you believe, at least have something solid to counter with. It's annoying to see celebrities with questionable intellectual depth really try and use that very notoriety in order to show the world that they know best. My advice to Ben is simple, focus on your nipple less Bat suit and stick to entertaining us.


I don't give a fuck about this whole situation, why? Issues like famine, war, and environmental unrest come to mind. People please stop giving the chronically useless so much attention .

Friday, September 26, 2014


You have to seriously admire the moronic. I've come to the conclusion that people with that affliction are safe because they can do just about anything without worrying about injuries, emotional trauma, rules, regulations and so forth. If you are wondering whether or not this is some sort of dig and are offended by my language and approach, please feel free to talk to your own feces. This is me venting because the lack of common sense in some individuals is just incredible. No one is safe from this, let's face it we deal with it every day, on the roads, supermarket, work, just everywhere. When a moron survives it's actually almost inspiring because you wonder if that person knows something you do not, it's freaking crazy, some bullshit!