Thursday, September 11, 2014


The recent death of Joan Rivers made me think about something that we rarely ever discuss, how eras really do disappear into the ether. I'm certain you are wondering what I mean with that statement and I can understand why. Joan Rivers to me was not just the plastic surgery loving, fashion policing, sometimes foulmouthed octogenarian that was simply tireless. Joan Rivers was a bridge to something else.

Joan Rivers was a bridge to an era where television was backed by a great deal of elegance. The term elegance here refers not only to fashion but also to humor, the way stars conducted themselves in public. Joan Rivers was the comedy superstar that appeared on Ed Sullivan, and would become a permanent guest host of the fabled Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Rivers would re invent herself with popular talk shows like her own daytime self titled program in the early 90's as well as Gossip, Gossip, Gossip which aired on USA.

Joan Rivers would also become a sort of fashion icon with her own line of stylish faux jewelry which she would sell on QVC for over 20 years. Joan is gone, the era of elegance is gone, but still there's the memories, and what great memories they are.


For years after coming out of prison Mike Tyson was known as a lose cannon whose out of the ring antics were far more newsworthy than his fights. After retiring, following a couple of loses to below par opposition, Tyson continued his Sony Liston like descent into a life that would likely end early. Tyson seemed to change and after appearing in Hangover he began to get in shape, turn his life around and put himself on track for closure. In the past couple of years Tyson has focused on paying his debts, being a good father and husband and making amends for past hurts. This preamble is what brings me to the general substance of this entry.

Tyson has been trending like nobody's business because he called a Canadian host a piece of shit. People are starting to use words like crazy and what have you since the incident occurred. The incident occurred because Tyson's past conviction for rape was brought up in an interview that was supposed to serve the purpose of promoting Mike's one man show. Personally I can understand why Tyson said what he said, I don't think it was the best way to handle it but I can understand it.

The man interviewing Tyson was talking about the Toronto mayoral race and suddenly asked Tyson if he felt that being seen with a convicted rapist would hurt the Mayor, in light of recent controversies. Tyson snapped and rightfully so. Tyson has been a free man for nearly 20 years, he blew a fortune, lost a child and did not really end his career the way most people thought he would. Assuming that he really did rape Desiree Washington, Tyson has paid a karmic price for it and then some. I say assuming he raped Washington because to this day that particular conviction is questionable. I mean let's face it if someone invites you to a party at 2 am in his hotel room you should know it's usually a party of two. Desiree Washington has since run into legal issues of her own, some of which call into question her credibility. I wasn't there so I won't say Tyson is innocent, and I won't say he is guilty either.

I think that if a man is trying to serve as an example that even the worst behaving individual can turn himself around, he shouldn't be put in a position where he is labeled at this stage, especially during a fluff piece about a one man show which should not carry a political discussion. I wouldn't have done the same thing, I would have walked away but everyone's different, still, let's understand why he snapped before we start calling him crazy.


Some things you don't want to remember and some things you never can forget. September 11th, 2001 fits into the category of what can never be forgotten. I remember that day entirely too well. I was sitting in my car waiting for the traffic light to turn green. I was 22 and attending college; I remember I was switching stations trying to find a song that would satisfy my needs. Suddenly every station stopped in order to break the news that  the twin towers had been attacked, a plane crash, something awful.

I drove to my mother's house and I saw a building collapsing on the TV set. I was shocked when I saw another plane crash into the second tower. It no longer mattered if it was real time or a replay, this was something else. We were one nation under attack by extremism and cowardice. It was the end of feeling secure, and the beginning of understanding that we were now vulnerable. I remember that we all united as a singularly without political preferences.

The days that followed there was no democratic party, republican party, simply americans behind one leader. The word evildoers pretty much served as a universal description of our enemies. Today it's been 13 years since that day and we still live in fear of what may come next. We can never forget the people whose lives ended that day, the heroes that gave their life, their spirit, their emotion to the rescue efforts. We can't forget that day because as big a tragedy as it was it also showed an almost uniquely American trait, united courage. Never Forget!


Can you imagine a PSA with Ray Rice and his wife? I won't go into that simply because it's just borderline insensitive. I will say this, Mrs. Rice is seriously high on the money supply. After Ray Rice, as muscular a person as one can be, beat her senseless she married him. Ray lost his job and is on indefinite suspension and she says " Our life has been ruined." What the fuck is wrong here?

Since when did domestic violence and knocking your significant other unconscious become acceptable? I'm sure people will jump in and say she is a victim, she suffers from  Stockholm syndrome and other shit. Mrs Rice was a fiancĂ© and as a result could have exposed him, and walked away, probably sued him for a good bit of cash. To stay and forgive the act is morally reprehensible on her part, it also shows little dignity. No woman should ever forgive something like that, at least in my view.

Perhaps I'm simplifying the whole thing but the point is he got what he deserved for doing what he did. It doesn't matter who you are, what you do, believe in, or look like, you don't have the right to treat anyone like that. If a woman is hitting you, walk the fuck away and call the cops if it's necessary.  At any rate it doesn't seem to matter, the world is a fucked up place anyway.  


It's been a while since I was on here. I left simply because after a lengthy period of writing you get the feeling that the cycle the world moves in is too damn repetitive to matter. I thought about this for a while and realized that even a repetitive cycle is fun to write about in a few different ways. There are things out there from the hateful Justing Bieber, to Obama, to that stinking shit fucker Oscar " I killed my Hot Girl and Got Away with it" Pistorious. Let's see what I can really get into.

Friday, August 15, 2014


Some events in life you never expect, early death is usually one of those unexpected events. When a person facilitates their own death it just compounds the pain that much more. When I first read that Robin Williams had been found dead I simply dismissed it as a net hoax. I kept running into reputable sources that reported the same thing until I found myself accepting that he was dead.

The details behind his death were a shock to me but the fact that he was dead was the enormous shock that was impossible to reconcile. I wondered for a few hours why his death was having an effect on me. Robin Williams was human, a celebrity, but human and not necessarily immune to problems. I started really going back to when I first became aware of Robin Williams, the first thing I thought of was Popeye, his first lead role in 1980. The film Popeye was a visual feast although the story itself was not so captivating in real time. I thought some more and I arrived at Mork and Mindy. 

I was a huge fan of the show that made Robin Williams a star. I thought of Robin Williams as that alien that arrived on earth at the height of the disco craze and gave birth to a child that was in his 50's when he hatched from a giant egg. To me the show was an example of one man's sensational timing, frenetic energy, and amazing talent. Before I arrived at that trend of thought, I thought of Williams as a sort of friend.

When I was a kid I used to love watching Nick at Nite and my favorite show to watch was Mork and Mindy. Growing up I was sometimes a loner because I was shy and not originally from Florida. Mork was the kind of character that kids in that position could relate to. I understood the sensible side and celebrated that nonstop comedy. I watched the series many times over and always thought of that crazy spaceman as the friend that got me through some difficult growing pains. The spaceman is there but only in memory, we won't see him anymore.

I guess the best way to wrap this up by saying nanu nanu to our buddy. I hope that trip back to Ork is full of the wisdom, peace, laughter, patience, and lessons your brought to us. Good night friend I never knew, thanks for everything.

Thursday, July 31, 2014


Johnny cash sang that line about shooting a man in Reno, pretty awesome line. I think that line would be better if it was about shooting Justin Bieber in a testicle. Yes I went there and if you don't like it go to Reno so I can shoot you with a paintball, just to watch you scream like a bitch. I'm tired of shit on the news that isn't relevant to society's problems. Few people can talk intelligently about the economy while everyone can talk about that little shit buying hookers with big bundas in Brazil. Let's grow up people!